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“We make it our mission to provide an unrivalled service, from our first
introduction and throughout the entire recruitment process”
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We Build Teams

That Outshine!

The flourishing beauty industry with no signs of easing up is always in need of talent that can continue to innovate, launch, and market ideas that keeps the wheel of growth moving. As one of the leading beauty recruitment agencies in the UK, we encourage a flexible recruitment and employment approach to help add value to companies and get people their dream beauty job! Our beauty recruitment force comprises industry insiders who have worked with iconic names in the business. Our tireless efforts have helped connect skill with the opportunity to play our part in the blooming of this multifaceted industry.


We are an independent recruitment agency that helps employers to connect with exceptional talent at all levels.

“With the sharpest minds of the industry working with us”

we combine intuition and thoughtful analysis to offer our clients and candidates across the UK with our personalised services. Our beauty and aesthetics recruitment agency uses a thorough recruitment process to bring out a skillset that proves to be invaluable for your business. We know all about the multifaceted industry, from cosmetics, dietary supplements, household products, to other lifestyle essentials.

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We are a professional beauty and personal care recruitment agency

“founded on the premise to offer the best personal services to both clients and candidates.”

With 20 years of hands-on experience in engaging job seekers and employers, we have helped companies to fast track their way to success. Annabelle Charles Associate has expanded over the years without deviating from the core principles that set us apart. Our recruiting approach is eyed through a human lens that recognises that the connections we establish and the relations we build are from the heart and based on integrity and honesty, values that make us the leading beauty recruitment agency in London.

Our History

It all started from a much less glamorous sector where Annabelle began her career as a recruiter for a garlic bread factory with 5:30 a.m. site inductions. Even the challenging working conditions didn’t deter Annabelle’s conviction from providing the best service and support levels. She then moved into a commercial setting where she collaborated with both the public and private sectors, recruiting high-level staff for the UK’s leading banks and energy providers. Annabelle’s work proved that she is someone who can successfully build her own business, a thought that was reminded to her by several of her clients, and so she did! With a strong consumer passion for all things Beauty, Annabelle moved on in leaps and bounds working with Fashion and Lifestyle brands. Her clients and candidates' success is how she measures hers!

Excellent Service

Affordable Price

“Annabelle is a strong believer in providing an excellent service at an affordable price”

Rejecting the price disparity in the market, Annabelle offers you her excellent service at a consistent and affordable price. With integrity comes the appreciation of treating all your clients as one and being fair to all by offering competitive market rates. As an independent beauty and lifestyle recruitment agency, we provide fantastic value for money by providing one fair and simple fee across all positions and departments.

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“To help you find your right candidate match, we take our time to understand your business culture, brand values, and requirements. ”

Building long-term relations requires prudence to get accustomed to your company goals and visions to find you a candidate who can help you and him/herself by thriving in your company’s environment and helping you reach your goals. We equally value our candidates by offering the aesthetics and beauty consultant jobs in London, giving you a chance to secure your dream job in a place you feel you will be appreciated!


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Anna Luster

Anna Luster

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Elisabet Whats

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Nicolas Role


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Cynthia Stone

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What We Offer

We help you in recruiting qualified candidates from entry to management and director level for various categories. We are known for providing transparent services to both clients and candidates. Using a thorough and detailed recruitment process tailored to meet individual businesses and particular skill set, we help you save time and money. We recommend candidates who match your criteria and will prove to be a valuable addition to your business.

Providers Of Worldclass Lifestyle & Fashion Recruitment

Knowing we are contributing to your successful future makes us proud and more determined to connect you to industries you truly deserve. We prize our integrity and honesty. Therefore, we take the recruitment responsibilities upon us seriously, offering you dedicate and loyal services instead of making unfulfilled promises. It is imperative to understand your core values to be able to draw out a strategy that pulls out top talent for you. To make it possible, we set up a meeting with you to collaborate on ideas and consider your perception for moving the process ahead. To bring you with the very best candidates, we follow a thorough screening process with at least one reference before suggesting the candidate to you. With our extensive networking system and well-connected people to the industry gurus, all our candidates come from trusted and reputable organizations.

“We get you the cream of the crop to save you both time and money!”


With its decades of experience, Annabelle Charles Associates Ltd helps you recruit a skilled workforce for every area of your business. Along with filling positions for Head Office functions, Production, Retail, Supply Chain, and Field-based Roles, we provide seasoned candidates for Personal Services such as Beauty & Spa Therapy. Annabelle Charles Associates Ltd fills in professionals for Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle in the following categories:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Planning & Purchasing
  • Graphic Design
  • Production Management
  • Formulation Chemistry
  • Project Management
  • Spa & Beauty Therapy
  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Human Resource
  • Product Development Management
  • Administration
  • Sales & Account Management

We take our recruitment responsibilities to our clients very seriously and are dedicated, loyal and above all honest, never making promises that we cannot keep.

Acting as true ambassadors for your business we take the time to meet with you to understand your core values and in turn use these to champion your brand in attracting top talent.

Taking all candidates through a thorough screening process and taking at least one reference before we present them to you (time permitting). This allows us to present the very best candidates the market has to offer and avoids making the wrong hiring choice.

Widely networked the majority of our candidates come referred to us from trustworthy and respected individuals and organisations.

“We love engaging with and representing our candidates in the knowledge that we are making a positive change to their future”



Stepping into the professional world is both exciting and daunting. The transition into the industrial world becomes challenging that requires support at every step of the way. We are here to hold your back and walk by your side. After listening to your preferred work environment and culture, we will sift out a position deserving of you. You can come to us to plan your next career move so that we can share our insights with you and advise you accordingly. Providing you with the best candidates for the job means we have to adopt an extensive recruitment process. Our thorough yet flexible recruitment process is devised to tackle the interviewing of candidates according to the required job role. A list of detailed questions tailored to the job specifications determine the candidate’s areas of expertise. Only after we are satisfied with the answers and achievements of a candidate and 100% sure that he/she matches the criteria of a client do we recommend a candidate. Candidates that fail to match your approach or company culture will ever be referred.


You need a strong profile and CV that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. You have to sell your experience, expertise, and sustainability for the roles you apply for. Since the recruiters also use the platform, make sure you convey your strengths in a way that catches their attention and give them every reason to hire you.

If you feel you cannot tout your skills to get noticed, place your trust in the pros. We know how to translate your strengths, skills, and personality in the CV. We review your current CV through an initial Zoom chat before getting to the answering phase on a few questions. After we have made the revisions, we send you a copy of your new CV.

It is a £100 service that is refundable as you get placed with one of our clients. Get in touch with us if you are all set to venture into a successful future.


Get in touch with us to help us help you!

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